Pi R squared is the partnership of Robert Horner and Piper Corbett. Robert brings the experience of an Architect, Biologist, Archaeologist and experienced Public Artist. Piper brings experience in lighting design, jewelry-making, clothing-design, set-design and interior decorating.

Robert has over 18 years of experience working in the field of public artwork and architecture. His works focuses heavily on revealing and accentuating the specific environmental and historic characteristics of place; often times serving as a means to connect individuals to a particular phenomenon. His work aims to promote a heightened awareness of the specific and unique. Robert has worked with a multitude of municipalities, community members, researchers, scientists, public committees, builders, architects, engineers, fabricators and clients on various art and design projects since 2006.

Piper brings environmental and community-oriented sensibilities to each project, and has a keen interest in material richness and diversity. She has a passion for timeless design and love for antiques, lighting and textures. Piper has a keen interest in lighting design as well as upholstery and staging. Together we are devoted to encouraging the development and implementation of sustainable building practices, and often view new projects as opportunities to promote innovation as well as to embrace the unique and over-looked.

We look deeply into the embodied energy and life-cycle costs of all the materials utilized in our work and strive to incorporate materials into our work that are both durable and inherently beautiful. Pi R Squared is capable of conceptualizing and developing your design project all the way through final build. Weather a public-art installation, or a new residence; we will look to the site-specific details to guide our approach to design.